We are seeking highly motivated Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows to work on the following projects:
  1. Building up emergent organic-inorganic heterostructures in a reduced dimension and understanding the new physics and phenomena at the interface.
  2. Developing flexible (opto)electronic devices with high performance, multi-functionalities and operational stability.
  3. Integrating wearable and implantable bioelectronics.
For Position Applications:
  • Student candidates with an education background in materials science, physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, or biomedical engineering are welcome to apply.
  • Experienced researchers with Ph.D. degree and a strong research background in electronics, optoelectronics, functional materials, and bioelectronics are welcome to apply.
  • Please email Prof. Xu directly (xu.xiaomin@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn). Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview.
Postdoctoral Researcher